Mitigating The Risks Of Closed Guest Room Doors

The Prop Lock is a simple and effective way to mitigate the risk posed by closed guest room doors.

Quick and easy to use

Locks securely

Protects and deters

Safety Benefits

Locks any standard door in the fully open position

  • Prevents guests or trespassers from maliciously creating a confined space while staff is present
  • Addresses guest concerns about maintenance and room service personnel being with them in a closed room
  • Avoids uncomfortable dynamics when a guest returns to a room during servicing in a hotel with a closed-door cleaning policy
  • The PROP LOCK’s bright coloring enhances the device’s strong deterrence against anyone will ill intent and serves as a visible notice to guests and staff that management is concerned with the safety and comfort of patrons and hotel employees

Operational Benefits

Offers significant benefits to management, staff, and guests at a very modest cost

  • The device travels with the staff person – no need to buy one for every door, no retrofitting or installation required
  • There are no electronics to break, no subscription services to buy, and no anticipated maintenance – it is ready out of the box
  • Eliminates damage caused to door and door frame from the assortment of repurposed objects currently being used to prop doors open
  • The PROP LOCK’s bright color also helps avoid accidental attempts at door closings while the device is being used

The Prop Lock has US and international patents pending