Benefiting Hotel Management

The Prop Lock helps staff, improves operations, increases safety, and creates a financial benefit.

An easy and important benefit for hotel employees with high perceived value

  • Enhances employee security:Creates a visible deterrent to malicious activities and prevents creation of a confined space
  • Earns goodwill and improves morale among the staff
  • Sends a message about management’s concern for staff and safety generally
  • Functions as a proactive gesture in support of union concerns

Addresses numerous operational issues inexpensively

  • Improves staff efficiency
    • Eliminates the need for repeated opening and closing of guest room doors during cleanings
    • Facilitates multiple returns to the housekeeping cart
  •  Does not require any infrastructure changes
    • No retrofitting doors
    • No electronics or communications systems to maintain

Provides safety advantages over other options

  • Deters attacks as opposed to waiting until they begin
  • No full-time monitoring required
  • Negates the issue of response time
  • Not in conflict with other systems, if those are desired or already in use

Actively guard your hotel’s reputation

  • Helps avert the negative public relations associated with an attack or allegation
  • Heads-off false claims of malfeasance by staff or guests
  • Positions your organization as proactive on security for its patrons and employees in the eyes of the general public, as well as with governmental, union, and industry groups

The PROP LOCK enhances the guest experience and confers multiple financial benefits on your organization

The Prop Lock improves guest safety and comfort

  • Augments guest safety
    • Prevents anyone from maliciously confining guests in their room when staff has been provided access
    • Makes guests more comfortable when maintenance or room service personnel enter their room
    • Creates a safer dynamic for all parties when a guest returns to their room during servicing in a hotel with a closed-door cleaning policy
  • Enhances guests’ opinion of the hotel
    • They appreciate the hotel’s concern for their safety, as well as for the activities and safety of the staff
    • Saves guests the discomfort of expressing their concern over someone being in their room with the door closed
    • Reduces noise experienced by guests from repeated door openings and closings during the cleaning process
  • Improves the dynamic between guests and staff, as possible point of concern has been eliminated for both parties
    • Helps to avoid incidents and false accusations

Confers financial benefits on the organization

  • Product costs are more than offset by the numerous expenses encountered in the event of a single incident
    • Worker’s compensation claims in excess of annual expected losses
    • OSHA General Duty Clause violations
    • Direct settlement payments and associated legal costs
    • Public relations and marketing costs related to reputational damage
  • Adoption of the PROP LOCK further mitigates financial exposure by demonstrating proactivity on the part of the employer