Closed Guest Room Doors Pose Significant Risk

Dangers associated with closed doors can negatively impact staff safety and morale, corporate liability and public image, hotel facilities, and the guest experience.

Guest rooms are vulnerable to becoming confining spaces in which your staff or guests can be involuntarily detained.



Often in remote locations throughout the hotel and can be easily isolated in a guest room, either by the occupant or by anyone else who has entered the hotel.


Concerned about being in a closed room with an unknown person when calling for maintenance or room service.

Want to avoid awkward or sensitive situations when returning to room during cleaning in a hotel with closed-door cleaning policy

Staff attempts to address these issues in an ad hoc manner can result in unintentional damage to the door and door frame.


Management is concerned with mitigating financial liability, including insurance costs, worker’s compensation claims, settlement payouts, lawsuit expenses, employee down-time, and false claims.

Executives are working to protect the hotel’s reputation and avoid negative public relations, loss of status, and association with safety concerns.

Attention to improvement of relations with employee organizations, in particular by addressing major workplace safety concerns.

Organizations can struggle to find win-win ways to address all of these issues and so default to being reactive instead of proactive