The New Normal In Hotel Security

Represents such an efficient, practical, and cost-effective solution to an array of security and operational concerns, that it will soon be standard in the industry.

Addresses the concerns of all stakeholders

Integrates easily into current hotel operations and provides no additional burden for staff

Provides a solution to many potential problems

Reduces hotel liability – moral, financial, reputational

Is affordable on a large scale – a cost-benefit analysis yields an unambiguous answer

Improves relationships with employees and their unions

Inevitable industry adoption and an unambiguous cost-benefit analysis will drive rapid and widespread implementation.

The Prop Lock is a device that will soon become a part of standard operating protocol at fine hotels worldwide.

As the Prop Lock becomes better known to hotels, staff, and the general public, its availability as an affordable and efficacious tool in the effort to prevent potentially devastating incidents will make it a necessary step in any hotel’s mitigation of liability.

The Prop Lock’s is compatible with open-door and closed-door room cleaning policies

  • In hotels with open-door room cleaning policies, housekeepers put the Prop Lock in place upon first opening the door and remove it as a final step before proceeding to the next room
  • The Prop Lock works equally well with closed-door cleaning policies
    • Housekeepers simply bring the Prop Lock into the room with their cleaning supplies, closing the door behind them
    • If a guest returns during the cleaning, the housekeeper meets the guest at the door, holds it open as they pass, and inserts the Prop Lock after they have passed
    • When the guest leaves the room, the housekeeper removes the Prop Lock, closes the door, and finishes servicing the room
  • With either type of cleaning policy, maintenance and room service staff put the Prop Lock into position before ever stepping foot into the room – providing guests with maximum peace of mind